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My Platform

The United States and American Citizens First
If this isn't the goal of any American politician, then one must ask whose side they are on. We must put Americans first. On a political level, it's treason not to put one's own country first.

Reciprocal Trade
Trade needs to be reciprocal and with our allies. We should not support countries that violate human rights or steal our Intellectual Property. We must put the lives of all people and our citizens first.

Border Security

Americans have the right to protect their borders. I support the completion of the wall and enough funding to ensure the wall is finished in an expedited manner. Florida must also address border security of sea and air. I support charging the home country of illegal immigrants for any costs incurred by the United States during that person’s stay in our country as well as the cost of returning them to their homeland and any other costs said person may have incurred while on our soil.

Wall Street
Any company trading on Wall Street needs to offer the same full disclosure as American companies. If a company refuses to open its books, this includes but is not limited to China, then the SEC should not allow such a company to trade in the US markets. We must protect the integrity of our financial markets. No country or corporation violating human rights should be allowed to list on Wall Street.

Knowledge is power. We must focus on a solid education for each citizen of all ages. The teachings must not go against the equality of all, nor should it include hate speech. I'm against CRT.

Israel is an ally.
The US properly moved the embassy to Jerusalem.

Gun Rights
"A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." We do not want to be in situation such as that in Venezuela or Hong Kong. Guns in the hands of the people is essential.

Off-Shore Drilling
I am against it.

Wind and Solar
Should become an integral energy source allowing homeowners to go off-grid to protect against overloading the system and decreasing personal reliance upon a public electrical grid. The goal is to increase personal freedom and protection.

Health Care
It needs to benefit citizens over corporations and big business.
American citizens should be able to choose their own doctor and health care plan.
Americans should not be charged higher rates for medicine than is charged in other countries.

CoronaVirus (AKA: China Virus or CCP Virus)
Due to the fact that China willfully chose not to inform the United States of the CoronoVirus and its severity, China caused a global pandemic which has caused much harm to our fine country. It would be appropriate for the US to charge China for what it costs the US to address the pandemic. The payment could be made with US stocks and bonds held by China, additional tariffs, a lump sum payment, etc.

One hopes it never happens again, but if our country were to face another real estate crisis, single family homes should not be bundled up and sold on the sly to corporations (such as Berkshire Hathaway). Those homes should be sold to American citizens on the open market. We absolutely must put our own citizens first. It was unjust and unfair to prevent American families from participating in a large chunk of the upturn. Instead, basically giving the homes to large corporations. Our middle class matters. We can’t achieve the American dream if our government allows big business and foreign entities to steal it from us!

Opioid Crisis
We must continue to fix this devastating problem that has gripped so many through both street drugs and big pharma. Those countries responsible for the drug trade must be held financially responsible for the devastation they have caused our people.

If a country is targeting Americans with Fentanyl, that country has pitted itself against our country and our people. We must not support the economy of any country set out to destroy ours. Further, we should bill them for the cost burden it has put on our government (local, state and federal) and the families it has directly impacted.

Visas for Tech Workers
The visa system has been abused. We need to hire Americans for our most sought after and best paying tech jobs. There are plenty of Americans over 40 and American women who are well qualified but overlooked due to their age or sex. Hire Americans first. There is no shortage of qualified American tech workers.

Public School Bathrooms
Unisex bathrooms are dangerous for girls. No school that receives federal funds should allow unisex bathrooms instead of separate bathrooms for boys and girls, based on the sex of the child at birth. Girls rights matter, too! If a third bathroom is needed, so be it. 

We must respect the planet and the harm to our water and air supply that comes with over-population issues. Our country is not short on people. It's time to balance the population with environmental concerns. Export excess people. Excess people are those that are in our country illegally. It is simply not sustainable.

Monopolistic Tech Companies
Once companies are traded on Wall Street, these corporations (Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Twitter, etc.) are no longer private companies. The fact that they are traded publicly makes them public companies. They are bound by the rules of our country, specifically the SEC, which has oversight but has not enforced it against China and others. These public corporations operate in ways that harm our financial and economic structure and continually violate our laws and constitution. Monopolies are illegal. We must protect innovation, creativity, the US economy, free enterprise, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and the structural foundations of business and innovation that make this country great. I support the dismantling of monopolistic tech companies, particularly those that attempt to operate as a government in and of themselves.

Governmental Corruption
Enough is enough. Drain the Swamp!

The Federal Reserve
President Trump and others are right to question the US relationship with the Federal Reserve. It is not owned by the U.S. Government. It is a private entity. The U.S. pays 2% for each dollar lent by the Federal Reserve. As a nation, we must look at whether or not this is a rational decision in the best interest of the United States, or if it serves the interests of just a few, and whether or not those interests are in conflict with the interests of our citizens and national security.

The Wall
Before President Trump announced his pledge to build the wall, Democrats openly and commonly addressed the need for increased national security on the Southern Border. Putting politics before the welfare of our country might serve a few self-interested politicians and elites but it does not serve American citizens and does not secure our people. Any costs incurred by the US government in dealing with, retaining or returning an illegal immigrant to their homeland should be charged to the home country of the illegal immigrant. When there are no consequences for the illegal immigrants by their home country, cooperation from the home country in deterring the behavior is less likely.

Intellectual Property Theft
There is no rational justification to do business with a government or company that has, or has attempted, to steal intellectual property from the US government, US citizens, or US companies. This crime threatens US national security and our economic security. It must not go unpunished. It is time for the United States to charge countries for IP theft whether that theft is by their citizens or their government. Each country is responsible for the actions of their citizens.

Tax Tech Companies
A tech company is just like any other company and should be taxed accordingly. Initially, tech companies were not taxed as an incentive program to encourage e-commerce. That was 30+ years ago. It's time to tax them. Those tax dollars are needed to support our infrastructure, education, military, small business growth and a multitude of other American needs. The tax dollars could also be used to pay down the deficit!

FISA Reform
For three letter agencies (CIA, DOJ, Etc) to feel entitled to spy on a candidate and/or president of the United States implies the agencies have a long history of using FISA warrants to spy on individuals who they have no right to surveil. Otherwise, these nefarious players would not have felt so at ease and bold about illegally surveilling a candidate and president. I would support a full investigation into who is being surveilled through the use of FISA warrants and the legality of the surveillance. If there is corruption within this department, it needs to be exposed and eliminated.

Homeland Manufacturing of Over-the-Counter and Prescription Drugs
The Coronavirus (AKA: CPC Virus) has brought to light that American drugs are made abroad with the overwhelming majority made in China. All over-the-counter and prescription drugs should be made in the US, by US companies and American employees to ensure the safety and accountability of the products. The safety of our drugs is a national health and security issue.

Accountability Regarding Illegal Drugs
The countries that have sent fentanyl, opioids and other illegal and highly addictive drugs to our country to be sold on the black market need to be held accountable. Our country can do this by charging the offending country for the cost of incarceration, rehab, etc accrued from the resulting use-to-abuse of these drugs This can happen through direct charges, sanctions, seizure of property and assets, and/or foreign debt owned in US dollars.

US Military Defense
Our military must be strong and prepared to defend our country and our people. Anything related to the defense and security of our nation must be manufactured at home by American Citizens. We cannot afford to share State defense secrets. We cannot afford to hire foreign nations when it comes to building our military and defense. This has proven itself over and over again as such defense efforts have been used against our people and State secrets continually stolen.

Elected Officials
Elected officials must serve the people, not special interests.

Election Fraud
Anyone who is not an American citizen and who is found to have voted in any government election, at any level, should be immediately deported for attempting to usurp our government. The home country should be billed the expense for returning their person(s) to their homeland and the home country should be charged for any damages done by their national resulting from their citizen’s election fraud against our fine nation. This can be implemented by direct payment of responsible country, lower imports from said country, higher tariffs, sanctions until paid in full, etc.

Campaign Finance Reform
No company that receives any amount of foreign funding, financing or is partially-owned by international players, including but not limited to stockholders, should be allowed to fund any electoral American campaign. Just because the money is harder to track with corporations doesn’t mean that fact can allow foreigners holding said corporation’s stock to participate in our elections. Therefore, every corporation should be mandated to file a complete list of all of its owners (shareholders) and those to whom it is indebted, including the names of the participants in any LLC which might hold ownership to ensure our elections are being funded only by American citizens. If it is too difficult or cumbersome for a corporation to identify each of its owners, then it must bow out of campaign funding. The choice is to supply all names or not participating in election financing. The choice is not that a corporation can fund campaigns because it’s difficult to find out who exactly owns the corporation. It is my understanding that Twitter’s 2nd largest owner is Saudi Arabi. Therefore, it would be foreign interference with our American elections if Twitter donated directly or indirectly to any campaign. In fact, one would imagine that all major publicly traded tech companies have international stockholders and therefore are ineligible to donate to campaigns directly or indirectly. Foreign interference with American political campaigns is illegal. Further, Corporations are not people. Corporations do not deserve the same rights to free speech as American Citizens. I do not support the Supreme Court’s decision in United Citizens. It is dangerous to the integrity of a fair American election process.

Obama Era Whistleblowers
These individuals deserve to be heard and protected.

Dismantling the Oligarchal Media
Re-instatement of media laws dismantled by President Clinton are necessary and appropriate. These laws protected the American people from media monopolies and propaganda. We must end the information warfare aimed against the American people by the media.

Energy Independence
The United States should be and remain energy independent.

Abortion Ban After the 12th Week
Second and third term abortions are not appropriate and must be banned unless the woman’s life is in danger. I believe the ‘day after’ pill could be available to all American women in all pharmacies (think CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Publix, etc), on a sliding scale, to ensure access. The goal would be to allow termination at the earliest possible date.

Veterans should be able to pick their own health care providers instead of being limited to VA hospitals and doctors. It is better for veterans and would come at a lower cost to the government. Veterans deserve the freedom to choose their doctor without an additional health care plan or added cost.

Treason, Seditious Conspiracy, Advocating the Overthrow of Our Government, Etc.
Such individuals and/or countries should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Enough of the tyranny. 
We are not now, never were and never will be a Socialist country!
We are the change we were looking for!
Americans United for the Survival, Recovery and Growth of Our Country!

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